Tips to Keep Teens Reading:

  • Lead by example -- If you value reading, they will see the value in it as well.
  • Furnish your home with teen-oriented materials -- special interest magazines, e.g. sports, hip hop, astrology, hair, tech magazines, newspapers etc . . . 
  • Allow your teen to choose their own materials -- take them to the bookstore or library. Give a bookstore gift card. Get a library card.
  • Read a book with your teen -- this is a good way to show interest and create dialogue.
  • Suggest books from movies your teen likes.
  • Get books written specifically for teens -- books that your teen can relate to and identify with.

"If parents, teachers and writers can persuade the youth to read, there is no doubt that our future and their tomorrow will be brighter."

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The ATL Girlz series:

Ms. Thang, Urban Goddess and Eye Candy

Meet Brinttany, Natasha, and Shaniqua as they navigate through the complexities of urban teen life in Atlanta. This series is spot on for helping to empower young girls through their adolescence.

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I believe writing can and should improve lives. I write to empower teens to make positive life choices.