Ms. Thang


(book 1)

Sassy, humorous, and at times, heartbreaking . . .

Urban Goddess


(book 2)

Fiercely accurate and entertaining   . . . 

Eye Candy


(book 3)

The sassy sequel to Ms. Thang and Urban Goddess  . . .

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If parents, teachers and writers can persuade the youth to read, there is no doubt that our future and their tomorrow will be brighter.

The ATL Girlz series:

  • Builds self-esteem
  • Empowers teens to make positive life choices
  • Encourages healthy relationship development
  • Fosters a love for reading

Empowerment Workshops for Teens


  • Get Your Shine On
  • Stumbles Make You Pick Up Your Feet
  • Flavor of Love
  • Author Presentation
  • Book Discussion
  • Creative Writing for Young Adults
  • Helping America's Youth through Literacy

Hello and Welcome

I believe writing can and should improve lives. I write to empower teens to make positive life choices.

The ATL Girlz Series:


Sonia Hayes