Eye Candy

     Eye Candy, the sassy sequel to Ms. Thang and Urban Goddess, follows three friends, Brittany, Natasha, and Shaniqua, as they navigate the often-murky waters of teenage life in Atlanta. Their much-awaited senior year at Miller Grove High has finally arrived and with it, all the uncertainties and drama that teeters on the wavering shores of adulthood. At first glance, "flawless" Brittany has it all--nice car, designer clothes and loving parents. She knows without a doubt which college she will attend . . . until she comes face to face with her Internet friend, Dante.

     Shaniqua is clueless about her future until she meets a special someone who challenges her to view life differently. Faced with unforeseen family circumstances, she will have the decide if she is ready for adulthood.

     When "model-fine" Natasha, the nucleus of the group, travels to Paris during spring break, she is presented with the opportunity of a lifetime. But will she be able to choose between her future and longtime boyfriend, Stephen?

Urban Goddess

     Fiercely accurate and entertaining, Urban Goddess, the sequel to Ms. Thang, follows three friends, Brittany, Natasha and Shaniqua, as they navigate their way through the complexities of urban teen life.Brittany desires a luxury car for her sixteenth birthday while Shaniqua is contemplating dropping out of school to help provide subsistence for her family.  Meanwhile, when Natasha's modeling career evolves, she conquers her height insecurity yet her newfound popularity creates enemies who are out to destroy her relationship with Stephen.

     Will the trio's friendship sustain cheerleading tryouts, new boyfriends and newfound fame or will the girls let envy and jealousy destroy the bond they have fostered since their freshman year in high school?


Ms. Thang

     Sassy, humorous and at times, heartbreaking, Ms. Thang is the story of Brittany, Natasha and Shaniqua, three friends who are on a quest to become popular in an Atlanta are high school. Smart aleck Brittany has everything a teenager would want except her parent's trust. When Brittany buckles under pressure, she suffers a personal crisis which threatens her future as a pianist.

     Shaniqua pops in her hazel-colored eye contacts, patterns her style of dress after an older cousin, and succeeds in attracting the attention of Jordan, one of the popular boys.  Brittany and Natasha warn their friend to stay away from him, but Shaniqua thinks they are just jealous.

     Natasha is the nucleus of the group, and likens herself to the "Jolly Green Giant" because of her height.  When she meets Stephen, an artist, a friendship ensues. Stephen paints a portrait of Natasha and encourages her to consider a career in modeling.

     As each girl ventures down a different path, will their friendship remain cohesive or will their personal experiences lodge a wedge between them?